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Kimchi Korean Restaurant

2 Compelling Reasons To Visit Kimchi Korean Restaurant Today

Over the last 11 years, Korean food has permeated nations worldwide. Here in Singapore alone, there are already 345 Korean restaurants. And like anything that grows rapidly, much of what is available has diluted severely.

Of course, it is easy for us to claim “100% authenticity”. Anyone could. And that’s why I encourage you to take 2 minutes to read this page and understand why we can confidently carry this tag.

Luscious, Authentic Ambience

Typically, when you walk into Kimchi, you will receive a warm greeting from our Korean concierge. Our Korean staff will then graciously wait upon you. Subsequently, our carefully selected Korean cooks & chefs will delicately prepare every dish for you.

And as you venture in further, the inspiring design will begin to embrace you. Virtually every inch, from the granite walls, to the low hanging chandeliers – even the very tables & chairs you’ll be seated at – has been deliberately crafted & picked from South Korea.

Deeper inside, the restaurant is home to 3 exclusive, classy VIP rooms furnished with a stylistic contemporary Korean design. These rooms, one of an exclusive few you’d find at Suntec, offer the serenity for you to hold anything from a private corporate meeting, a joyous birthday celebration, to a romantic night out.

But this is merely half the story.

Hailing from established South Korean F&B schools, our chefs & cooks have been groomed in the art of Korean Cuisine. There is an elegance to this cuisine that captures the deep appreciation for the land’s rich bounty.

Each recipe is conceptualized within a rooted, uniquely Korean culture that tells the story of her people’s romanticized imagination that has a buoyant sense of adventure. And it is this enthusiasm that gives Korean dishes a distinct flavour, a distinct aroma.

Lavish, But Affordable 

Korean cuisine is a heritage that dates back to the 14th Century Joseon Dynasty. This was an era hallmarked by culinary excellence. Today, much of what you’ll find at Kimchi carries this royal influence. To ensure we do justice to this prestigious identity, we have partnered with the esteemed Head Chef Choi Ming Chul. Having graced both Ritz Carlton & MBS, Chef Choi comes to Kimchi with a wealth of experience in designing Korean cuisine.

Every dish, from the succulent Wagyu Beef to the fragrant Andong Jjimdak, is painstakingly prepared using the finest seasonal ingredients.

Even our Organic Speciality Coffee, a pleasant beverage, is cautiously brewed to achieve a fine balance – It stimulates the senses without compromising the health benefits that Korean ingredients deliver.

At the same time, we’ve also taken a distinctly different route in offering you a full meal. Instead of unnecessarily splurging on too many side dishes that have been falsely marketed as “free”, at Kimchi, you only pay for what you eat. And this has 3 significant implications.

– Your meal now becomes more affordable, helping you save money

– You contribute to combatting a growing social problem – sinful food wastage

– You will still be a given a hearty, deeply satisfactory meal

And this is why we welcome you to participate in this exhilarating culinary experience.

Because at Kimchi, every meal is a celebration.